Source material

On this page you can find some original documents relating to the Time Trail. These date from about 1998, so they represent a historical point in the evolution of Sustrans and the Time Trail, a fascinating snapshot of the project as it was getting started.

Introductory leaflets

Here’s a four page leaflet with Charlie Harrow’s introductory poem. It contains an intriguing hint that, in the year 2000:

a few master Decoding Symbols will be added which are needed to unravel the further mysteries hidden in the time Trail. No one knows what these are except the originator of the Millennium Time Trail, Charlie Harrow — so please don’t ask anyone at Sustrans because they don’t know!

Stop Press info page 1

Stop Press info page 2

I presume that these ‘master decoding symbols’ are the disks in the T6 series. So far I’ve only seen one design (described here).

Here’s another leaflet, mostly similar to the one above.

Info card 1

Info card 2

The Millennium Time Trail Record Card, also 1998, is described in another post on this site:

Millennium timetrail record card page 1

Millennium timetrail record card page 2

Time Treasures

Each of the five sets had a matching Time Treasure, a document that you were able to obtain once you had collected enough of the symbols and sent them to Sustrans, along with your payment.

Sustrans is no longer providing these (as far as I know, there are no plans to revive this aspect of the Time Trail). So getting hold of them is in itself a challenge. Luckily, Sustrans has helped me out! However, they contain a lot of spoilers (pictures and descriptions of each disk, for example), so I haven’t looked at them too closely, and I don’t really want to make them available on the internet. I think it’s a bad idea to simply post the solutions of puzzles online — I don’t want to be that person who waves the answers around while others are enjoying the process of solving it for themselves.

Having said that, it would be nice to make the Time Treasures available to people who have already made the effort and managed some kind of solution on their own. So, to download a copy of the Time Treasure for T4, the Zodiac puzzle (and if you’re prepared for spoilers galore), here’s your clue:

Clue for link to timetreasure4 pdf

Thanks to Sustrans for sending me all these documents!


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