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Original artwork for the T3 8 Ages of Man

Here is some more of the original artwork, and some notes from the Time Treasure 3 document.

The Time Treasure 3 depicts the ages of man, and also relates to the element air and the 8-sided Platonic solid called a octahedron.

T3 artwork

and the text on that floating octahedron decodes to something like “Air we all breathe air”.

The designer of the Time Trail added a preliminary stage to the more familiar Shakespearian seven ages of man, “The Foetus”, and suggests that the Air theme is fundamental to all eight ages:

Without oxygen from the air to breathe, our life ends and with it our perception of Time. From conception to death, our existence is nothing without air. Life’s many stages from foetus to old age are driven by a natural quest for air. Fresh air and exercise help us lead a full active life. The brain that provides us with our perception of time has the biggest demand for oxygen than any other organ of the body.

T3:1/8 Foetus


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Geograph 865811 by Trevor Wright t3 1 8

T3:2/8 Infant


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Flickr gregory williams grooombridge hartfield t3 2 8

T3:3/8 Schoolboy


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Flickr gregory williams hartfield groombridge t3 3 8

T3:4/8 Lover


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Flickr gregory willliams norwich loddon t3 4 8

T3:5/8 Soldier


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Geograph 1374342 by keith edkins t3 5 8

T3:6/8 Justice


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Flickr gregory williams forest row hartfield t3 6 8

T3:7/8 Sixth age


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Truro feoequinologist truro route 3 t3 7 8

T3:8/8 Second childhood

Second child

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T3 8 8

The decoding of the T3 series yielded the following text:

[L]ungs never full ensnare us in time's eight piece cage/
Entropy's aim shoots leptons in dancing cycles of light/
Nations reach out

and, since we have T1, T2, and T3, our results so far read thus:

Measure every heartbeat to count out our life's score
Is "time to escape" meant to fire our coming age?
Locked in seasons' bars swings pendulums's ceaseless claw
Lungs never full ensnare us in time's eight piece cage
Entropy's aim shoots leptons in dancing cycles of light
Nations reach out

A substantial part of the T3 Time Treasure booklet is devoted to a long story about a giant egg timer and a King who was too fussy about his boiled eggs.



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Original artwork for the T2 continents series

Commenter Clyde sent through the original official artwork for the time trail disks, and I’ve been meaning to upload them for a while, so here they are, with the decodings. Some of the notes are from the trail booklet that Sustrans used to send out.

Disk 1 is Africa. This one was described in an earlier post:


The artwork features the Sphinx, of course.


Disk 2 is Eurasia:


Europe and Asia are part of the vast ancient tectonic plate of Eurasia.

All over these caves the print of the hand says: “This is my mark. This is man.”

Jacob Bronowski in The Ascent of Man writing about the prehistoric outline of a hand found on a cave wall in El Castillo, Santander, Spain.

The runes here say:


Disk 3 is North America:


Olmec Head in La Venta Park, Mexico. The Olmecs, possibly Central America’s earliest civilisation, were responsible for carving the large heads from single massive blocks of basalt. They data from perhaps 1500 BC. Who and where the Olmecs came from is still a mystery.

The runes are:


Disk 4 is South America. This was covered in an earlier post:


The runes say:


Disk 5 is Australasia:


Uluru, the world’s largest monolith in Northern Territory, Australia, is sacred to the Aboriginal people of the continent. Their Dreamtime is the mythical past in which spiritual beings shaped the land. In Kakadu National Park, Aboriginal paintings of kangaroos and other animals adorn the rock walls.

On this disk, the runes are:


Disk 6 is Antarctica:


Is it possible that Antarctica, the continent only discovered in the late 19th century, could be the site of Atlantis, the mythical ancient lost civilisation of Atlantis described by Plato?

(I think the answer to that question is “No”!)

The runes are:


From these, it looks like this section of the puzzle reads as follows:

         oescape "meantt ofireou rcoming age?/
lo ckedins easons' barsswi ngspend ulum'sc easeles sclaw/

or, more readably:

       o escape" meant to fire our coming age?/
Locked in seasons' bars swings pendulums's ceaseless claw/

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