Original artwork

The original idea of this blog was to try to collect all the disks on the millennium time trail ‘in the field’, and then to solve the puzzle as I went. The order of posts has therefore been a bit random—and I’ve been able to write more about the more recent disks as I gradually link the various ideas together.

However, the job of finding more disks is getting harder—and it’s possible that I won’t find all the others, since some might have been removed, or might be too far from a convenient parking place.

Now, however, I don’t have to rely just on the metal disks on mileposts. Commenter Clyde has very kindly sent me photographs of all the cardboard disks that Sustrans used to send out to enthusiastic clue hunters. Here’s a typical card, compared with the corresponding metal disk:

20 century

Flickr gregory williams porttalbot llanelli t5 20 20

It shows what looks like the original artwork, much clearer details, annotated coded symbols, and even flaps so that you could (if you had them all) construct the paper polyhedra that Sustrans expected you to make.

I’m thinking of going back through all the old posts here and adding the photographs of the cards. And then perhaps creating new posts for each card that I’ve not yet managed to find on the trail or online. Either way, there’s plenty more to do here over the next few months.


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