T4: 6/12 Truro

This is the sixth disk in the T4 Signs of the Zodiac series, so it’s Virgo, which most mythologies identify as some type of young goddess.

IMG 1115

Here’s what original designer of the Time Trail wrote about this in the Time Treasure document for this series (which you can find hidden somewhere on this site…).

The constellation of Virgo has throughout history been identified with many different goddesses. With a palm branch or ear of wheat in her right hand she is Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest. She was also the Roman goddess of justice who held the scales of judgement. In Egypt, Virgo was identified with Isis, the mother of Horus, the last of the divine sun kings. Spica, the brightest star is the ear of wheat. Virgo has over 13000 galaxies scattered amongst it and the brightest known quasar.

In the middle ages the constellation was identified with the Virgin Mary, and whose initials are believed to be the origin for the sign’s symbol: ♍︎.

Around the outside of the disk are five coded pieces of text. As usual we can decode it using the Utopian Alphabet key:

top left:

 ...e's tre...

top right:

 ...old tim...


 ...makes u...


 ...s, but a..



I’m only halfway through the T4 series of disks, so it’s not yet worth trying to piece them together to make a sensible source text.


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