Map of Sustrans mileposts

On the Sustrans (Scotland) site you can now obtain a complete list of all milepost locations for the entire UK. The raw data is supplied as a KML file, which you can import into GIS and mapping systems.

I had a go myself, and managed (to my surprise) to create a map using the KML locations, the Open Street Map data, and the umap website:

sustrans milepost map

If you make anything interesting out of the Sustrans data, add a link to it in the comments!

Sustrans Scotland are leading the way in providing open data for the National Network. Although the milepost page and data for the UK is available only on the Scottish web page at the moment, it will soon be available on the web pages for the other regions.



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16 responses to “Map of Sustrans mileposts

  1. Please get in touch with me. I may have new information for you. A lot of what you are looking for may have been common knowledge a years ago but Sustrans staff no longer know it! But you have taught me how to decipher all the coded messages now! Clyde


    • pb

      Sounds interesting! I’m all ears.


      • Sorry about the long delay – I’ve been away. I was hoping you would email me since I didn’t want to give too much away on this blog. As far as I can see from your posts, you still don’t have all the TT disks – is that right? I have all 50. I tried to solve the messages by using frequencies of letters but since you cannot tell which way the messages are running and because many of the letters have mirror images which are also letters of the same alphabet, this didn’t work! I gave up some time ago. I never thought of researching known alphabets as I thought this one was CH’s own invention.


      • pb

        Hi Clyde. I’ve only managed to find about half of them so far. I thought it would be good to put a record of this puzzle on the internet — not so much the solution ( which is just a poem that you can easily find if you google it) but more the process of decoding and solving the symbols, and enjoying the journey rather than the destination. If you have photos of some of the disks, I’d be interested to see them. Even Sustrans have largely forgotten about the Millennium Time Trail. Cheers!


    • pete

      check out the images on it is found just outside of ystalafera on cycle path #43


      • pb

        Thanks. That’s the disk for the 3rd century, AD, showing some Hebrew and the Star of David, I think. Must get round to adding some more information to this blog sometime this year…. 🙂


  2. james

    I solved the code 2 years ago and was told i was the second person to solve it so got no prize do you know what the prize was?


  3. james

    I’ve been reading through more of your site, you’ve managed to get a lot more info out of sustrans than i was including the record sheet. Also i took a look at your map i know of a few mileposts in my area that are not on there.


    • KentRangerGaz

      There are four Mileposts in the Swale region of Kent that do not appear on that map, nor any other list I have had from Sustrans.

      There are also Mileposts marked in Medway that are either no longer present (if indeed they ever were) or have since had some minor relocation.


      • pb

        Sustrans aren’t updating the list, as far as I know, since the millennium trail is no longer a current project of theirs. Cosmo from Sustrans says that there are disks in their warehouse. And I’m sure the odd disk is decorating someone’s shelves…

        Perhaps the unofficial Open Street Map wiki list could be updated by those who know about unlisted disks…


  4. OK, pb. I can send you photos of all the disks – but how? Can you attach them here? I’m not used to WordPress blogs. I will also be emailing them to James.


    • cosmoblake

      Hi Clyde. I have been sent your photos of the pictures of the discs which has been massively useful, thank you! I am, however, trying to fill the gaps where discs have gone missing and have a potential method of 3D printing new discs. I sent the printer operator the photos but the quality isn’t good enough for printing. Is there any chance you’d be able to scan them, or at least the one I’m getting printed currently (Leo from series 4), so we can make quality discs?
      You can email me at
      Kind regards


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