T4: 7/12 Bute Park, Cardiff

The seventh disk in the T4 Zodiac series represents the astrological sign Libra, the Scales or the Balance.


(Image: © Copyright Keith Edkins and licensed for reuse under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 License.)

Charlie Harrow’s logo (CH→) is a bit more prominent than usual in the centre of the disk. The scales look to be comparing the weight of a heart with a — well, what does that shape on the right side look like?

The only suggestion I can offer is — a feather. This is based on the ancient Egyptian notion of weighing the heart. Apparently they believed that “your heart had to be light” if you wanted to enter the afterlife. The good deeds that you performed during your lifetime made your heart lighter. Then after you died, you had to pass through the Hall of Ma’at to get your heart weighed, to check how light it had become:

The Ancient Egyptians believed that when you died, you travelled to the Hall of the Dead. There Anubis (the Egyptian version of Pluto) weighed your heart against the feather of Ma’at. Ma’at, the goddess of justice sits on top of the scales to make sure that the weighing is carried out properly. Anubis steadies the scales to make the weighing fair. If your heart was lighter than the feather, you lived forever. We still talk of “a heart as light as a feather” to mean carefree, and “heavyhearted” to mean sad.

The text, decoded using the Utopian Alphabet key, provides the following:

e ’ s t r e

r e r a ' s

a s u r e /

m a p p e d

o u t , a s

So we have a few more fragments to add to the collection:

...e's tre...
..r era's ...
 mapped out, as 

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One response to “T4: 7/12 Bute Park, Cardiff

  1. Richard

    I think the tear drop/rain drop/something else at the top is significant as it appears to be deliberately non-circular.
    The top of the balance is an elongated form of the zodiac symbol for Libra.


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