Deciphering the T1 series

We’ve now got all four disks in the T1 series (The Seasons), and we think we know how to decipher the text that appears on the three sides of the triangle on each disk, using our key, which is basically Sir Thomas More’s Utopian alphabet (with two additions for “V” and “W”).

The four letters that appear in small triangles spell “Fire”.


T1 1 4


e a t t o c o u n  ->


m e a s u r e v e  ->


b t r a d g y r d ->

Doesn’t look right, why not try reading from right to left:

e r y h e a r t b  <- reading from right to left

That’s looking promising:



Let’s try the next one:

T1 2 4


f e ' s s c o r e ->


m e a s u r e e v <-

Now I have trouble with the bottom one. Here are some of the possible orientations:

T1 2 4 c

which gives:

k l r x q t x q t (left to right)

T1 2 4 c flip v

which gives:

i l r x n t x n t (flipped vertically)

T1 2 4 c flip h

which gives:

t p u t p u r l k (flipped horizontally)

T1 2 4 c flip h and v

which gives:

t o u t o u r l i (flipped horizontally and vertically)

Putting them together:


which looks good. And adding the first two disks’ text together we get:


Very poetic. I’m now starting to realise how cunning was the puzzle maker’s choice of the Utopian Alphabet: the symbols change their meaning as you flip and mirror them. The “M” triangle is about the only clue you get as to the right way up: and there are no clues to whether mirroring is needed.


T1 3 4


d r n c s s ' d f ->

No good, needs flipping:

f e ' s s c o r e <-


/ i s " t i m e t ->


e r y h e a r t b

Seems to be some repetition/overlap with the second disk:



The final one in the series:

T1 4 4


o x n c n t t a d ->

Doesn’t look good. Let’s flip it horizontally:

e a t t o c o u n <-


t d m i t " s i \ ->

Judging from the backslash, that might also benefit from being flipped and read backwards:

/ i s " t i m e t <-


t p u t p u r l k ->

Ah, this is the same as on disk T1:2/2, so we flip it vertically:

t o u t o u r l i

Giving the text:


Assembling the text on the four disks

1: measure_every_heart_beat_to_coun
2: t_out_our_life's_score_measure_e
3: fe's_score_ery_heartb/is"time_t
4: eat_to_count_out_our_li/is"time_t

Disk 3’s text looks to be repetition or filler. The best rendering of these lines is perhaps this:

Measure every heart beat to count out our life's score 
Is "time

I’m assuming the forward slash indicates a line break, as it often does when used in poetry.

So that’s a lot of effort for a line and a bit of poetry! And T1 is the shortest series, with just four disks.


Commenter Clyde sent through all the original artwork for the time trail disks. Here are the versions for the T1 series.






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