The Time Trail

Around the kingdom and across the seas
Stand mileposts of iron with symbols to tease.
It’s no race against time, our TIME TRAIL quest,
With Treasures for all who succeed in the test.

Made neither from silver, diamonds nor gold,
But elements, common and ancient and old.
Either by foot or your bike wheels spinning,
Finding time to find Time is just the beginning.

Brass rub the designs of triangles and squares,
And pentagons too, with a few other spares.
Claim Treasures to solidify time well spent,
perhaps, what Time actually meant.

Four dimensional jigsaws found in groups of five,
A sixth from them all makes it the Time of Our Lives.
Layers upon layers, a rainbow coded rhyme,
In a universe of stars we join up space and time.

The Millennium Time Trail works out for all to see
That Time in itself is still Time’s mystery.

Good Luck! Time to Go!

— Charlie Harrow, creator of the Time Trail


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